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Rosie Bacon


I found the course answered a lot of the questions I had in regards to working with MYOB.

I am not an accountant or bookkeeper but am now running a small business and as we are moving ahead & growing we thought it time to get a proper accounts program.

I started using MYOB on the 1st July 2013 & although I have managed to fumble through it & get most things right, this course has allowed me to be more confident with the sections I was  already using and also allows me to move forward into the other areas of MYOB that I hadn’t started with.

I can now even correct some of the mistakes I have made in the last 2 ½ months so all should reconcile brilliantly.



Neryl Kent

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to do all the MYOB courses online as I work full time it is difficult to attend classes at TAFE colleges. I found each of the Basic, Payroll and the Advanced courses were well constructed and easy to follow. I liked being able to print off each Chapter before doing the course and reading it through and I now have these available and in a file to look back over as I’m working with MYOB. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in knowing how to operate MYOB and to familiarise themselves with what MYOB can do for them and for their business. Thank you Shashi and your team once again for all your help.



John Bryant


Thank you very much for the course that you have provided..  As I may have said previously, I do have accounting qualifications, but I have never used a computerised accounting package. - the aim of completing this course was to assist my son in his business.  He uses MYOB, but being a three man business, his accounting always comes last, so this is where I can now step in.  I looked at his system before I started this course, and had absolutely no idea as to what I should do - now that I have completed your course, I believe that I will be able to handle his accounts with a fair degree of confidence.




The material that you provided was excellent - I now have a very thick book to guide me if I find that I am lost.  Your course outline was set out very clearly, and enabled an average computer user to find his way with reasonable ease, although I must admit I was lost a couple of times and sat here for a long time trying to find the way forward, but a few rereads of your instructions and I was able to see the light and proceed onwards.

Patricia Johnston

I found all the courses (MYOB - Basic, Payroll and Advanced) quite helpful.  I recently started working in an office (casual/part time) where I am using MYOB.  My boss gave me brief instructions on what to do to get me going.  I had never used it before and found it a little hard and frustrating trying to remember what I was supposed to do as I only worked 1 day a week - sometimes even less.  

Since doing the on-line courses I have gained more confidence and understanding with it.  I wouldn't say it was a thorough course where I really learnt everything - more a quick guide through what to do in MYOB.  It was suitable for what I wanted and I also have the notes to refer back to if needed.

I am glad I decided to do the course.  Thank you also for your help when I needed it.



Connie Dixon

It has been wonderful and certainly less stressful being able to complete your courses from home. I was able to logon when ever I had spare time which worked out well for me. Your response time to my questions was so quick, even on the weekends! (I would have been happy to have had a reply the following Monday - but really appreciated it sooner!). Thank you it has been a pleasure doing your courses and I would certainly recommend you to anyone interested in learning MYOB


Jessica Du Thaler

I’m someone who loves to learn by doing and this course allowed me to do exactly that. The course was well structured and easy to follow and to the point. The free download of the software made it easy to practice and execute the things being taught. I printed out all the worksheets for each unit and put them in a folder and just followed it through and was finished with the course in a short time. I was never confused when going through the exercises and the fact that I didn't have to read large amounts of confusing text was great too.  I was able to get on at any time of day or night and could learn whenever and wherever it suited me. I got feedback on my work super fast within a few hours of emailing and the help I got was excellent as well. Having the ability to self-check my work as I went through the units was so helpful meant that I knew straight away if I had done something wrong and could move through the exercises quickly. Overall really pleased with the whole course and I really feel like I have gained some great skills and knowledge of the program and having printed out the units means I will be able to look over the work again later on if I need to.


Nicole Rodden


I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of your MYOB courses. Although I have used MYOB for over 17 years, I didn't have any formal MYOB learning. I decided to purchase the 3 courses (Basic, Payroll & Advanced) to help me to determine whether there was any gaps in my knowledge. I found that there were procedures that I could do more efficiently and some great insights into making the most of the program. I found the courses well written and very easy to follow due to the step by step breakdown of processes and self check functions. I am extremely happy the service that you have provided and the quality of the course material.



Corinna McNally

This course is fantastic! I will (and am going to) recommend it to anyone who wants to learn MYOB. So well set out and easy to follow, the self check exercises really help to confirm that you have learnt the chapter fully. I couldn’t stop doing it I found it addictive at times, but it is great that I could stop and pick up my son from school and then come right back into it without disruption to anyone


P MacDonald

I would like to let you know, that I enjoyed the course as it allowed me to go at my own pace, and the support was there not only when you were requested to send your work to the trainers', but also when you were usure of something and requested clarification via email.  I found the course very interesting and thorough enough so that you got a real good understanding of what/how to complete various tasks and deal with various other situatons.  I would recommend this course to anyone that wanted an insight how to best utilise MYOB.


Anne Korsmaa

I normally prefer going to classes, but choosing this online course proved that I can be very efficient at learning on my own. Online book for the MYOB Basic course is very detailed, nothing is confusing in these step-by-step instructions. There are many ways to check over the work I've done. It's good to know after every chapter that I'm on the right track and getting feedback from trainer during the course helps as well. I feel that it was easy for me to remember every step, because of the many added images from MYOB software. Practical work has given me confidence to start using the software on my own.


Dawn Toland

I found this course excellent, it is very hands on and as you are actually doing tasks and exercises using the MYOB software you learn so much more than if just studying how to do tasks etc. I found the tutor very helpful if I ever had any queries and really quick to come back to me when I had sent my files to be checked. I will definitely do more courses, and I am now doing my advanced MYOB. I decided to do this course as I will be usingu MYOB in the future with the company I am with and I also just wanted to learn about it as it is commonly used by businesses and the most popular accounting software. I loved that this course could be done at your own pace with so I could do a few hours a week or whenever I got the chance at weekends


Kim Jabbour

I found the course and it's content very user friendly and can't beleive it took me so long to finally try it out.  I'd been delaying any MYOB training due to being between jobs at present but am really pleased with the software and the notes supplied - they were informative and concise not to mention the practical exercises which allowed the hands-on exposure to the system.
Having never seen the system in practice before, my brief exposure during the completion of the MYOB Basic course (not to mention being trained on the latest version of MYOB) has given me a clearer understanding of how simple the system is to operate with logical accounting flows.  Allowing me to work at my own pace in my own environment was also beneficial at this point in time in my present circumstance.
I know that during the completion of the course, I haven't had to refer to you much however at the times I did, you never hesitated to respond promptly to my emails enabling me to continue with my training without undue delay. I really appreciated your feedback throughout the course and had peace of mind knowing you were only an email away - thanks again!


Tracy Honey

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing this course. I loved the flexibility of the online course, having a busy family life can make fulltime study almost impossible. Being able to do an hour or two whenever I had spare time made it very easy to fit into my day. The course is very well laid out and easy to understand, I didn't find myself having to stop and ask questions constantly as it was so easy to follow. Although having the support of the online trainer if I needed it was great reassurance. Thank you for a great experience, I am now completing the Payroll course


Mona Pedersen

This is the first time that I have undertaken an online training course, and I have been extremely impressed. Both with the responsiveness and support from yourself, with the flexibility that the on-line course offers, and also with the structure of the training package. It is structured in a logical manner and is easy to follow. The exercises throughout the training modules have given me very useful, practical hands-on experience and confidence to start using the package at work.


Abdul Sanni

First and foremost I want to thanks you guys at Bizmatemyob for making this course affordable to people like me. The course outlines was well structured and organised with easy to understand step by steps instructions. The compulsory  quiz and exercises that follows each chapters really makes learning Myob Basic interesting and effective. I have really gained a lot from this course and looking forward to progressing to the Myob Advance to further consolidate my Myob experience at Bizmatemyob. My gratitude goes to Shashi for his relentless effort and willingness to offer valuable assistance even during after hours. I won’t thank you guys enough.


Chris Farrell

I loved the course. I have used many accounting software packages, (AXIA, SIMPRO, Macromatix, etc), and learning those was a real trial by error means in the real business world. This course gave you the tools, information and step by step presentations to conquer what would otherwise be a daunting task in learning MYOB. It is simple and straight forward. I would recommend this course to anyone, young or old. Well done!


Tanya Brittain

It has been many years since I did any study and so I was a little worried before starting the course.  Happily I found the course very easy to follow.  Each chapter was well laid out and flowed on to the next. 

 In my current employment I have only recently taken on more bookkeeping activities, including payroll, and the course did show me certain aspects I was not aware of. I would not hesitate again to take on another course. 


Mandy Atkins

You have been very helpful when i had an issue and have also been extremely prompt with your replies... I studied 3 years at university and no lecturer ever responded so quick!

I feel i now have the basic skills required to operate the MYOB software and can refer back to saved notes at any time. My partner and i want to run a resort in the future and MYOB Will be an integral part of our business. Thank you to both you and the rest of the team for making this course accessible for people like me who want to dip their toes in the water without being fully submerged and overwhelmed.

Also thanks for taking the steps to make this course more affordable through as i otherwise would not have been in a financial position to undergo this course.


Amanda Rogers

I found the MYOB basic course to be very good. The course material was easy to understand and straight forward. I had no idea how to use MYOB before starting this course but I wanted an understanding of the program to help with finding a job and now I have a very clear understanding of the basics of the program and I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge through the advanced and payroll courses.


Rachel Falzon

The course was exactly what I needed. I had intermittent experience using MYOB at my current roll and wanted to go into more depth and confirm what I already knew which this course allowed me to do. I appreciate your quick response to my questions and will be happy to add this to my resume. Can't wait to get started on the other two courses available.


Rea Westbrook

I'm a certified accountant from the uk and worked for local government for a number of years so have had no experience with MYOB.I found this course was perfect for me to learn about the software and was paced at my own speed, this enabled me to juggle this and my 3yo without any problems. It is the first time I have undertaken an online course.  The guidance notes were very clear and the quizzes made my brain cells work again.  Overall I would highly recommend your services/support.

Indhira Ronese Jacobs

I have never done any online courses before, i did however expect it to be more complicated than it was.  It was very to the point with enough information to teach, but not too much so as to make it tedious.  The quick response from the trainer was also quite surprising but very appreciated!  Great for people who work or who have kids to take of like myself!


Garth Whitford


I thought the course is well structured and easy to follow. The content covered the basic requirements to get familiar with the system. The course showed a refreshing attention to detail with exception pop-ups being anticipated and not leaving the student wondering if they had done something wrong.

The responses to required submissions and queries was extremely quick and provided direct answers to the queries. However I would have preferred a bit more substance to the replies, I found them a bit monosyllabic. 

I will definitely use your services again.


John Van Huet

I really enjoyed doing this course on line! The explanation about MYOB in all chapters was very clear to me and for that reason it was not difficult to do the required Exercises and Quizes. These Exercises and Quizes really helped me to understand better what is MYOB all about.
I think the level of this course is very professional and I also appreciate the quick feedback from you when I had a question or when I got the results from exercises and quizes I had to send to you! 


Taryne Albert

The course was great, I learnt how to use MYOB back between 1998 and 2000 when I was doing Cert III Business Admin at TAFE, and used the program at work from 2000 to around 2005 or 6, since then I haven’t been involved in finance. This course has refreshed my memory and I will be more confident when I start using it again at work in the near future.


Irene hendricks

I found the course well laid out - a great refresher as I had used MYOB previously (but not extensively).  It has been wonderful to move at my own pace and the fast response from the trainer was excellent.  I did not expect feedback on the weekend or late at night and was very pleasantly surprised by the attention to the on line student from Shashi, my trainer.

I am looking forward to doing the next courses.  Since I am not working, the courses would be out of my price at this time if you did not offer them on so I am grateful for the opportunity and will speak positively about the experience to others I know.

My thanks to the trainer!


Simone Lichtenstein

I have completed the MYOB Basic and Payroll courses. I found them both very interesting and full of much needed information to help me with MYOB further. As I have done MYOB before the courses were completed quite easily although am very happy to have my certificate to show for what I know and further education with regards to the fields I didn't already have knowledge on. The support trainers were fantastic and helpful with very quick response times. Thank you for the opportunity to undertake such wonderful courses. 


Monica Blanchfield


I especially like the Banking chapter. That really helped to clarify things and I could relate it to a real business situations such as putting the cash and cheques into unallocated funds and then they are banked later.


I would have liked to have “built” inventory. Even if it was a simple as putting a business jacket and business pants together to sell as a suit. This situation seemed more real life to me that you would purchase a few different items and sell them as a set or do some sort of manufacturing/value add process before you sell.  So I would have liked to have seen that in the course – but I can work it out for myself now from the online help.


The reports and the the BAS is a good way to finish.


Sean Adey-Ryan

I was extremely satisfied with the quality, and instant feedback & help I receieved from my trainer Shashi, he answered all the questions I had, and assisted me in aspects of the course that were slightly confusing. The course has without doubt provided me with the knowledge and experience I need to complete the MYOB Payroll and Advance courses. Look forward to dealing with your company in the future.


Karin Van Vliet

Believe it is a great course. I have learnt a lot and believe the teaching material is excellent to gain a basic understanding of MYOB. I would definitely recommend it.


Katelyn Boag


Thank you for all your help in regards to this course. I found the course very useful and informative.The course was easy to understand and the speedy replies to my emails and phone support was outstanding. I would definitely recommend this course in the future.Please keep me informed of other courses that may be useful.

Julie Williams

It all ran very smoothly although I found it a little frustrating in the beginning with the turnaround time on backup feedback.  However you responded very positively to my complaint so I thank you for that.  As you can see I am more than happy to purchase another course to continue my skills.  The course content was well broken down into the chapters and instructions were clear to follow.  I haven't done any online training before and I have a small concern that although I am learning how to do everything, I may not necessarily be knowing why things are done in certain ways.  That can be the advantage to having a lecturer explain things to you during a course and the benefit of other students around who also have good questions to ask.  However, doing it this way is saving me a bucket load of money and I have the flexibility to fit it in around my schedule.


Sarah Flynn

I thought the courses were really easy to follow and the support provided by you was excellent. I couldn't believe how quickly you got back to me and could ring me to help step me through the processes or just check my work so far so I could keep working.
Thanks again and I will definitely refer your services if I know of anyone who needs MYOB.


Birgit Sagmeister



Sally Plowman

The course was a great starting point for my position in my husband's and my new business.  Everything linked well and flowed logically.  Just one critique is the lack of spell check in some of the quizzes and some of the exercises, but overall was exactly what I needed.


Tanya Zhivanovich

Your service has been excellent and you were always quick to reply to any problems or questions, which was greatly appreciated. The course its-self was clear and easy to understand, with great exercises to really cement what was learnt in the corresponding chapter. It is a great introductory course for someone who has never used MYOB and higlights the main functions of the programme.  
Thanks again for helping me understand my final error, I have gone back through to ''Purchases" and can see that I needed to put CAP instead of GST. 
Thanks again for your support, understanding and patiences, I am very greatful. 
If I need any assistance or further education in the future I will be sure to get in contact with you again, you have been a great service. 


David Shirley

Thank you so much for your course. I found it so hard and daunting after buying MYOB to get started, after doing your course, I was able not to just get started but actually have my business live on the MYOB system in a day.


Ada Miyashiro

The Payroll and MYOB Basic Courses were both easy to follow and were well explained on the material using print screens. I found the Payroll course easier than the MYOB Basic. In the Payroll course there were less number of topics and most of the exercises were straightforward. The feedback I got from the trainer was timely, which allowed me to finish the course sooner than I expected.


Juliet Browning

I really enjoyed the course and it was easy to understand and great that you can go at your own pace.  The chapters offer bite size pieces so you can do just a bit each evening.  I would definitely recommend your course to others.  It saved me taking a trip to Auckland and I think I retained the information better doing at home on my own computer.


Anh Nguyn

The course is very well-developed, easy to follow instructions, super-quickly and useful feedbacks from trainer. Most importantly, it is so convenient because I can complete it in my own pace. I feel much confident now with MYOB and definitely would recommend to others. 


Amanda Blagrovez

I had not used the software before but I have done accounts work. I really just wanted to familiarise myself with the MYOB interface. Future employers may not always take my word for it that I pick up new programs quickly. I found the course very easy.



Anna Singh

Basic MYOB course in my opinion was good with adequate on-line technical support as well as sufficient material support. I found the modules fairly simple to understand and the quizzes acted as refresher aids. The examples used to demonstrate  the applications was also practical.  Basically the program is ideal for beginner level.



Deborah Ann Schreiber

I found the course to be very well laid out and explained in very easy to follow instructions. I also found the material that I sent in for marking to be checked and returned in the quickest time. The course has been both stimulating, information and would recommend anyone wanting to get into this field to take it on. Thank you for the assistance


Christine McDonald

I found the course to be very easy to follow although got a little bogged down towards the end as there was so much to take in.  I am sure that because I already understand accounting processes that I had the jump on someone who has never done accounts previously.


Sunny Wei

I think this online course is very useful and convenience to learn. moreover, the supports of this course are very helpful.


Annette Walters

I enjoyed this course very much and I feel confident about using MYOB Payroll. The instructions were straight forward and easy to follow and any queries I had, plus the return of Backup Files and review, were responded to super-quick by the trainer!

I like the structure of information, exercises, quiz - it teaches and reinforces and provides a great resource for future use - I do think the instructions could do with proofreading, however.

Overall, a fantastic course, I would certainly recommend it to others!



Megan Smith

I found this course to be easy to do and understand.  The help from my trainer was wonderful and prompt.  I would recommend this course to my friends


Chellie Keenan

The MYOB online course was very easy to follow.  The exercises helped you to find your way around the programme.  The tutors were easy to contact and replied within a short timeframe.


Suzanne Emson

I have been using MYOB for a few years now and while I did learn a couple of new things in the course, which was great, I found I knew the majority of it.  The one area that I haven't really learn't though, which would be good to have included in your course in the future, would be how to go about importing your bank statement from the bank and then reconciling.



Jen Te Paa

Course was very informative for me – and I learned some significant changes that can be made system wide. I thoroughly enjoyed the MYOB advanced course



Anne Marie Blackwood

I found the MYOB basic course easy to follow, well structured and has a manageable scope for a beginner course. There are a few minor descrepancies between the course content and the data files that caused a little confusion initially. Also, it may be worth suggesting that students download Mozilla Firefox at the start to avoid the issues I experienced.


Brian O’Shea

Thank you and it is easier doing the course online at times that were convenient for me.


Liz Styles

"Fantastic course with simple, easy to follow steps. It covered everything i needed and will be very useful for my future career. Thank you."


Carmen Rooney

Tutorials were informative and easy to follow.  On completion of the course I feel I am more than competent using the basics in MYOB software.  My tutor Shashi was always quick to respond to any messages from me and a great help.


Rachel Rehu

 I have really enjoyed completing both the MYOB Basic Course & MYOB Payroll course.  All the instructions and course content were very easy to

follow.  It was great to do a course online in my own time even though I am overseas.  Most of all what I appreciated was the always prompt responses, feedback & results you provided.

 I would have no hesitation recommending your course to anyone looking to familirise themselves with the MYOB system.



Jaydene Lawless


I appreciate your time and commend you on this online course, it is extremely easy to follow and is very carefully put together, I will be happy to recommend this course.


 Faava Moevao

 The course was very good. It was clear and made learning easy.


Iryna Ponomaryova

I'm very happy with this course. In future I think to take advance MYOB as well.

Easy explanation of whole chapters. If you are fell like stuck at the same activities don't hesitate to ask you trainer. You will get very prompt reply.  Thank you !


Allison Sparham

I found the Basic MYOB course easy to follow, well set out, giving a good introduction to the main 
functions. Good support and very fast responses from the trainer.



Lynette Barnard

I have worked with MYOB in AU & NZ over the past 4 years with no formal training. Therefore one would say I should have a good knowledge by now!! In my current position I am preparing wages for offshore rigs and vessels in pay periods of weekly, fortnightly 3 weekly pay periods.

The course material was excellent and gave me a few hints to work with, and I wish I had completed a long time ago, having not completed any courses for a very long time I learnt very quickly to really read the questions in the quiz......and that on a second attempt the answers were remixed!!

It would be good to have a chapter on Union Fees/Deductions and Superannuation outside the Kiwi Saver information.

Unions – I work with a mix of set weekly contributions and others with a % of the Gross & Taxable Earnings.

Superannuation – We have a large number of staff with a mix of Kiwi Saver and other funds, others all Others funds.  Also we have employment agreements that have Employer Contributions of double that of the Employee to maximum of 14.5%........Have set up lots of pay codes to cover a number of differing scenarios.

Was great to have the chance to complete this course, and prove to myself I’m up with the information in the systems I use.

Look forward now to completing the MYOB Accounting Advanced



Debbie Jackson

"Overall I was very impressed with this basic training in MYOB. The flexibility of learning at my own pace suited me very well. The units were well structured and the instructions were clear. It was good to know that if I got into difficulty help was an e mail or call away, and any issues that did arise were dealt with promptly."



Kris Bethune

The course was excellent. Perfect level of difficulty for someone new to MYOB such as myself.

Responses from trainer were very fast even in the weekend. Will be looking at further training shortly!


Lorraine Malone

I really enjoyed doing the online course. I found it very easy to understand and enjoyed the quizzes. Everything in the course was very informative and the explanations were very easy to understand. What a great course.


Lynette Grimstrup

 Yes I feel it was well done.  Not as easy as Acepayroll.  You can teach yourself Acepayroll  not this one.  I printed everything out so I feel I would be able to handle it by myself.


Amie Houstoun

Really great service. Very impressed with how quickly the responses were and how well any questions were answered. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.



Chuikee Lo

I found the MYOB Advance Course notes quite easy to follow, have relevant information and very user friendly. Learning the course online is much more relaxed and convenient. I can do it at my own pace and revisit any part when I feel necessary. The trainer was very helpful, provided prompt response and feedback to my queries. The course could do with more activities in each chapter. I completed the whole course in less than four days, dedicating 2 hours a day. The 60 days access to the software is very handy for further exercise. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the online training.


Lynne Powell

 The course was an excellent reinforcement for me. I have been using MYOB  for a couple of years but haven’t been confident. It was set up for me by a provider and now I am able to relook at options etc to suit the business – something I wasn’t sure of how to do before.

The step-by-step instructions and explanations were very good and I was able to follow through easily by having the programme running on one side of the computer screen and the course outline on the other.
One comment however was that as I was answering phone calls and seeing clients at the same time, it was sometimes hard to work out where I was up to – perhaps a check list? I also wasnt sure whether it was best to follow the steps using the resources page or the overview page.
Thanks again – your prompt feed back was great. Do I just delete the programme now – I am going to carry on and do the advanced course.
Ewe Lay Poh

Anyway I do enjoy the whole course, but at first was a bit panic, but with your guidance and support, it makes me feel I'm not scared  & worried.

It is great also to know about the whole accounting system, how great it can do for you and everything has been programmed, only you need to search and learn where to key in
correctly and accurately. Important for accounting that is what it should be.


Tamai Goomes

I think the course content is great and easy to follow as long as you read the instructions clearly. The trick questions confused me a little, Its tricky trying to figure it out without assistance but was very happy with the prompt response received for any queries I had.


Kirsten Marshall

Really loved the online course.  Very straightforward and communication with online trainer was quick and user friendly.  Looking forward to doing the advanced course.  Thanks for your patience


Vivian Lee

This program is very good and very useful, and very easy to work on with. I will let my friends to know this program if they are interested.


Candice Douglas

I found this course to be helpful although in some activities I found it wasn't so straightforward. Overall I have learnt alot and know it will be helpful for me in my future employment. Also you were very helpful when I needed it and replied quite promptly which made it easy so I could complete each task without delay.


Jude Mitchner

I have appreciated your prompt responses to my emails, queries and completed chapters.  You have been a great support.

Some of the material contains typo’s and grammatical errors which require a second reading in order to be understood but in general the training is sound, detailed and also quite broad based.  I have found it to be extremely helpful.


Jane Moody

Mostly straightforward, some instructions do not match for the programme when using a mac.
Good turn around when needing help from tutor.
Would be good to have a couple of tasks at the end once you pass to practice with until the registration expires.


Annette Walters (advance course)

The content and layout of this course is fantastic!

It taught me so much about the Banking command centre and reinforced and complemented what I had learned about Sales, Purchases and Inventory. I know so much more about reconciling reports and how to quickly find the problem when they are out of balance and I enjoyed the opportunity to practise customising an invoice.


I have a much greater understanding of the many functions in MYOB than I had when I was previously using it!

I like the lesson, activity, quiz format because it teaches and reinforces and the constant downloading of datafiles provides good practise.


Backup files are returned very quickly and the feedback is positive and encouraging -the trainer is very patient!

Thanks, Shashi, I have gained so much benefit from these courses and I am very grateful to you!



Petrena Finaly

The course content was very clear and concise and the instructions were easy to follow.  It's the first time I've done an online course and I enjoyed the fact that I could go at my own speed.  The feedback was fast which I appreciated and I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted an entry level introduction to MYOB.


Debbie Jackson

"MYOB advanced course built on what I had learned in the Basic course and took the learning challenge to a whole new level.  Once again any issues or difficulties that I had were dealt with speedily. I feel confident to use MYOB now, and have learned tools to help me locate and correct any errors that may arise."


Fleur Pepper

I found the course informative and true to the course outline.  I am pleased to have refreshed my beginners knowledge of MYOB through the MYOB Basic course.


Saryu Sharma

In terms of feedback, I thought the course was very easy to follow. The instructions were very clear and made the process very fast. Communication from your side was very easy and fast as well. Overall, it was an excellent way of learning something new.


Chellie Keenan ( Advance Course)

The course was generally easy to follow with good reference material.  The tutors replied quickly to questions


Fleur Pepper

The MYOB Payroll course covers the introduction-advanced level in a concise program that has given me a good insight into the possibilities of a career in payroll.  The steps are logical and the activities/quiz requirement for each section are a great confidence builder.  Also great to have the  support of the course notes for future reference.

Thank you for your assistance I have enjoyed the MYOB Payroll course.


Carla Campbell

I would definitely recommend this course,it has everything step by step for you need to know to do the payroll, I will definitely reccomending this to my friends and cant wait till I get to use it for myself, i found it easy to understand and its great to corrospond with you to make sure it is going all fine


Shirley Griffith

I found the course material easy to follow and the exercises were good to backup what we had already learnt. The response from trainer was quick and to the point and helpful if you had queries.


Amy Harmse

The course was great.  A very user friend course to do online.  I was a bit worried about a course like this and not being in a class but your layout of instructions was so easy to follow


Valantina Mariyasoosai

It was a good experience to learn the basics of MYOB thats gives the introduction to the software, it was easy to follow with the guidelines by the trainer to each chapter and also the quizes at the end of each lesson. I really gained the basic knowledge of MYOB


Jacqui Bowen

I really enjoyed the course and the notes were easy to understand and follow. I did have a few problems with the downloads though but it has been sorted. I feel more confident in working with MYOB.


Vicky White

It was all good.  Exercises and quizzes all were appropriate and I think would be a good balance for complete beginners right through to people who’ve been doing their accounts on another system for a while.  The big test for me, regarding how good the Basic training was, will be to see if I can get through the Advanced training without too much trouble, or whether I’ll need to go back to the Basic course exercises to remind me :0)


Amy Harmse

You have very easy to follow online courses and I enjoyed both. I would recommend MYOB Payroll online course for any beginners, like myself, as the course material is broken down into easy to follow steps which makes learning so much fun.

Thank you for your online training.
Lynda Holdaway

Found it all quite easy to follow – a bit difficult to read instructions and follow through on screen without printing off screeds of paper! . Overall pleased that I have completed it – I do use it at my workplace but only occasionally as a back up to the payroll officer and only use parts of the programme – mostly entering timesheets etc. Have never had to set up a new employee or do anything out of the ordinary so found it helpful for that.


Jessie Poh

Thanks . For this course I've learned alot on how to manage the payrolls .The different areas to do data entry in order to obtain and get the correct information for the employee and employer.


Danielle Jones

I definitely learnt a lot doing the course . A really good element of the course was the prompt and helpful tutor to help me when I got stuck. Overall, I learnt a lot and the tutor was fantastic. However, there are certainly areas in the course where fine-tuning wouldn't go amiss. Also, thank you very much Shashi for your help. I really appreciate it and look forward to getting my certificate in the mail :)


Vicky White

Good course, better level of the more detailed functions within MYOB plus the advantage of having tools to fix / resolve errors will also be very handy.  Very worthwhile / essential for any frequent user of MYOB.


Joanne Martin

Recently I had the opportunity to sit the MYOB Advanced Training course and found it to be very interesting and really helpful.  I had been using MYOB for data entry for some time but this course showed me stuff that I didn’t know.  The Trainer, Shashi Sharma, is excellent.  As I am a business owner I am limited in my time to be able to do courses but being online is brillant and Shashi, no matter what time, was always there to help me.  Shashi is an excellent trainer and very supportive.  This is an excellent course and I am glad I have done it.

Thank you Shashi and MYOB.


Angela Smith

Great course really enjoyed it and learnt heaps. Very easy to follow .What other courses do you have? Would be very interested in doing a excel one? Thanks so much for all of your help


Lizelle Erasmus

Thank you so much for all your help. Late nights, early mornings!!! .The course was realy good. Easy to follow instructions. Would like to do another one in the future. It is realy good to know that there is an instructor that can help you.

Dave Pritchett

Online course was good, clear to understand and aimed at the right level. The documentation was clear and, as I printed it out, I was able to use the downloaded MYOB ‘offline’ when I had some free time. This was supported nicely by the activities and the online quiz.


Judith Dunn

I found this course very user friendly and easy to follow. I also appreciated the quick responses from you, giving me the confidence to carry on to the next step. I will certainly consider doing the advanced course during 2012.


Dianne Leonard

I have enjoyed the course.  When I was unable to understand something (downloading the attachments), your help was  very prompt. The certificate I received 1 day after finishing.


Lynne Powell

I found the advanced course has given me confidence to do more with my own MYOB. I am now able to go through preferences etc and make it work better for me. I found it a bit difficult at the beginning with the downloading of the files but once I got that worked out I was OK. Thanks for your support


Alisa Satherley

I found the course content good and the manual was well written and easy to understand.
I have been using Payroll for about 18 months (self taught) it was good to do the course so I can now use all the features of the program more. Thanks for your support at the other end of the phone when needed.

Emma Fenn

In regards to feedback, i enjoyed the course and thought it was easy enough to follow, however i did notice there were a few questions in the quizzes that had not been covered, so just had to guess the answers. Hoping this doesn’t effect my overall

It took me just over 3hrs to complete.


Natasha Goodhue

I found my trainer very helpful. The course was well set out and easy to work through with no prior knowledge of myob. I would recommend it to anyone interested in doing the course.


Birgit Gardner

I enjoyed the course. Very clear and easy instructions. MYOB is very easy to learn and follow. Examples are clear and enough to do some practise. All in all I think money well spend. Hope the follow up couse will be available on Grab One again.


Aorangi Sciascia

Good all round course with good course informations. Easy to follow and good contact with trainer if required


Jaco Barnard

The course was great.  Very well put together and easy to follow.  The on-line access worked great.
The only thing that had me a little confused was the last two chapters in that I wasn't sure what exactly to
submit after the exercises.


Lynn Franke

I found this course very helpful and easy to follow & my trainer was also good.